• Fire Extinguishers

    Fire extinguishers are devices commonly found indoors and are used to douse fire and prevent its spread. They are small metal canisters that contain compressed gas (usually nitrogen) that, when activated, propel a directed spray of flame-retardant chemicals…. Read More

  • Saving Energy is a SNAP Summer Cooling Tips

    Here are some tips to save you money, conserve natural resources and maintain a safe, comfortable & healthy home this summer: Windows • Turn off fans and open windows at night. Shut them & close blinds to keep… Read More

  • Give Everyday Items a Second Chance

    Try some of these tips to reuse those items that would otherwise go into our waste stream. CHALK 1. Remove ring around the collar stains by marking the stains with chalk before the wash. The dust helps absorb… Read More

  • Going Green at Work

    Did you know that Americans make up only 5% of the world’s population but yet we consume 20% of the world’s energy and produce 40% of the world’s waste? Although we have a long way to go, efforts… Read More

  • Check Radon Levels in Your Home

      What is radon? Uranium, a radioactive element, is found in rock, soil, water and animals. When uranium decays it forms a radioactive gas called radon. Once produced, radon moves through the ground and into the air. Radon… Read More