About Us

Living Green with SNAP is a free, educational program for residents living within Spokane County, WA. The program’s mission is to empower everyone to live in a healthy environment. The environment could be in your home, neighborhood, office or school. Our staff and volunteers have provided services on the topics of: water & energy conservation, do-it-yourself minor home repairs, healthy homes and waste reduction. You can access our educational resources by attending a workshop, find us at an outreach event, receive our monthly electronic newsletters or volunteer. We strive to help all people reduce household costs, conserve natural resources, empower consumers and create a safe, comfortable and healthy home.
Living Green’s primary method of educating the community is through small, free public workshops , held at various locations around Spokane (such as ECEAP and Head Start meetings, Community Centers, and libraries). Our program depends on committed volunteers who serve as Community Educators, taking the message of Living Green to their neighborhoods.
If you’ve begun to wonder about the future of energy, food production, or the environment, invite this grassroots program to your organization. Learn how you can cut back on energy and water consumption, alter your transportation and buying habits, make your own non-toxic household cleaners, and how to compost and recycle to lower your garbage bill. Participants come from all income levels, but low-income attendees receive an energy kit filled with energy-saving goodies for free.
To schedule a Living Green workshop contact Kim Kreber at (509) 744-3370 Ext. 2410 or email kreber@snapwa.org.